It's time to get to know Hermes Mangialardo, otherwise known us arkivio in the eYeka community. He won the grand prize in the recently concluded private Video/Animation competition for Maurice Lacroix, taking home 5,000 Swiss Francs worth of Maurice Lacroix watch vouchers! -- Tell us something about yourself... My name is Hermes Mangialardo and I was born in 1975 in Copertino, a little town in the south of Italy. Since childhood, I've always had the passion for Italian comics and Japanese cartoons, and after gaining some graphic design experience, I started to produce my own animations in 2003.


In the last years I have developed many clips and animations that have won many awards, like the MTV Flash Awards at Hamburg Bitfilm Festival, the Giffoni Music Concept for the Best Animation Videoclip, the first prize at Independent Film Festival in Florida, Special Jury Prize at I’VE SEEN FILM FESTIVAL, The First Prize at Camper Walking contest in Barcelona, the Italian Window at Resfest and more. In 2006, with a crew of designers, I founded a multimedia agency, Plasmedia. In 2008 I have developed the animated series URBAN JUNGLE for MTV ITALIA, about the various metropolitan animals (Metal kids, Darkers, Indie kids, Emo…). How did you find out about eYeka? I learned about the eYeka community through a post on an Italian blog and soon got really interested in the proposed contests, which were always very creative and gives a chance to work with high quality brands. Why did you join the Maurice Lacroix Video/Animation Contest? I participated at the Maurice Lacroix contest because the "Reinventing the Wheel" brief intrigued me and spurred my imagination. The theme was not easy, but I immediately thought of the wheel as a symbol of evolution to humans throughout its history. I wanted a clean, essential animation and hope to be able to rightly represent my idea. -- His work and winning videos from other participants can be found on the Maurice Lacroix Facebook fanpage. Congrats Hermes!