“My Club Med Photo Challenge Experience” is a series of posts written by the finalists selected in our recent Club Med campaign. The finalists were flown to Bali, Indonesia (all-expense paid) from May 27-June 1 to participate in daily challenges to determine the best photographer to receive a US$10,000 photography assignment from Club Med. --

It was a really wonderful experience for me that I was able to participate in the contest.  I enjoyed all of the challenges. The climate and colorful sceneries in Bali were totally different from the northern country (Japan) where I live in.

The rules in the "Challenge" were totally different from the photography I usually enjoy leisurely. I was able to feel the pleasant strain and pressure of the rules. At the same time, I enjoyed a great and happy time with my friends...the contestants and staff from various Asian countries.

I'm very thankful for the 3 great days (regrettably I arrived Bali 2 days later than other members) I spent in Bali, the wonderful experience, special memories and my nice, new friends! - Fumie Kobayashi, Japan