Here's an important announcement from the Director of Acian Technologies: Dear Eyeka members, On behalf of Eyeka Asia, we at Acian Technologies would like to thank everyone who participated in our photo contest which ended on 14 December 2008. We received several good entries, however, only eight were found to have followed the requirements and respected the brief.  The eight entries are: Aciantec01 by andrejbu Aciantec02 by andrejbu 05-delivering innovation by dharma Delivering innovation by Goldmund 04 Delivering by dharma Aiming for electricity by mandar Mac shop by tupedatugan 20080828_CHI_0133 by spp776 As much as we would like to declare a winner, this number is unfortunately too small for us to be able to objectively do so. Under the contest rules, “Article 4 – Selection of Winners” strictly states that a winner can only be announced if at least 20 photographs met the artistic expectations and respected the details stipulated in the brief. After a careful deliberation, we will be re-launching the contest which will run until 14 March 2009. Previous contents will be re-moderated so we invite you to send new entries. This time, ensure that you follow the brief carefully and submit only photographs that capture the contest theme. The objective of this contest is to find the best photograph which will capture Acian Technologies’ motto of Delivering Innovation™. It has to capture the essence of innovation, especially how it relates to the technology space and the industries Acian Technologies is involved in. So visit now for more information and get ready to take on the challenge. Prove to us that you are the deserving recipient of the US$3,000 prize. We are looking forward to seeing your outstanding photographs. Thank you. Max Armbruster Director of Acian Technologies ---- TIP: So what exactly are we looking for? Not just the usual shots of technological products but rather, great pictures illustrating innovative technologies directly. Technology can be found in the following industries: aerospace, railway, electronics, telecom, banking , logistics, software. Be creative!