If you are filmmakers  or animators, we challenge you to create a web viral clip in the form of video or animation (any style) to generate better awareness on how "Eyeka" is pronounced. 'Eyeka' is pronounced |` i, ka |. It is a combination of two words: 'eye' and 'ka'. In ancient Egypt, 'Ka' was one of the most important elements of life force, the soul. 'Eyeka' is then the soul of the eye.

With you own jingle, sounds and visuals, design and produce a web clip that will help people understand how to say 'Eyeka'!

The style of the clip can be anything you wish: vox pox, mini drama, stop motion, puppet animation, 2D or 3D animation, flash animation, sand animation…anything your imagination can think of! To see the detailed Brief and Rules of the competition, and how to participate in the Eyeka Creative Challenge Call for Entries, simply click this link. Deadline November 4th, 2008