We'd like to introduce a new tradition in this blog. From this week onwards, we will be featuring outstanding works that caught the eyes of the Eyeka staff. Everyday, we come across so many stunning and some just blow us away. So we decided to dedicate Fridays to showcase some of the staff's favorites. Here's the first batch of FEATURE FRIDAY! PHOTOGRAPHY
OUR VERDICT: Outstanding! The colors and the clarity of image, sealed the deal. DIGITAL ART
OUR VERDICT: Awesome! We love how at first glance, you can't tell if it's a real painting or digital art! PHOTOGRAPHY
OUR VERDICT: A vision of paradise. It makes us feel like grabbing an ice-cold pinacolada! Has any work in Eyeka caught your eye lately? Whether it is a photograph, a design or a video, feel free to suggest so we can feature it next week. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!